Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant: Helping you limit toxins on, in and around your space.

Get To Know Your Space: The Four Pillars of Building Biology

Pillar 1: Air

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollutants as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. Get educated on the top sources of pollution in your space, how to eliminate those sources, and different ways to improve air quality with increased ventilation and air-filtering options.

Pillar 2: Light

Lighting can affect your mood, energy, vision, and the quality of your sleep. Science confirms we need lighting that simulates the natural light spectrum found in nature to achieve optimal health. I will help you make the best choices for keeping a naturally lit, illuminated space during the day, and avoid blue light exposures that affect your sleep at night.

Pillar 3: Water

Water is paramount for the functioning of every cell and muscle in our body, and tap water contamination is a major concern across the nation. Pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, disinfectants, and other pollutants could be in your drinking water. Find out what is not filtered out in your water supply, and what contaminants are currently exceeding the state and federal health guidelines.

Pillar 4: EMFs

EMFs are fields of energy that surround electronic devices and may have negative impacts on our health. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) a subgroup of the World Health Organization, has classified extremely low magnetic fields (ELF) from household wiring, appliances, and radio frequencies as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” When you take into account every single one of your organs relies on electricity and magnetism to function, it makes sense that EMFs could disrupt your health. Discover this invisible, odorless hazard that could be affecting your health.
Diana Jabour

Hello, I’m Diana

I am a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, ElectroMagnetic Radiation Specialist, and New Build Consultant. My mission is to help inform and empower you on your journey to better health by creating healthy living and work spaces using science and common sense.

Sneaky Magnetic Fields In Your Space

I see a host of symptoms in my clients with elevated magnetic fields in their home, and with the studies pointing towards cancer and leukemia risks, I advise we use the “precautionary principle” especially in a child’s bedroom.  Magnetic fields are typically created when the electric current flows to power appliances & lights. Awareness and simple steps can lower your risks factor from magnetic fields.  Important Magnetic Field Takeaways: MOST HARMFULLEAST COMMON OF THE EMFsDISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND - the fields ... Continue Reading

Jabour Environmental Healthy Home Checklist: Home Is Where the Health Is!

Remember: Children are at the greatest risk because their bodies are still developing. Pound for pound children absorb more toxins, breathe more air, absorb more radiation and spend more time on the floor crawling and putting their hands in their mouth where toxic dust can settle.  The Good News: In most cases exposure levels can be lowered or eliminated without sacrificing convenience or product effectiveness. You have the power to limit toxins on, in and around your space. I have worked with so many families curating ... Continue Reading

8 Little-Known Facts On Wireless Radiation

My mom taught me to do my research when looking at both sides of an issue, and that included always finding out who funded the study or story because “Science is for Sale.” Did you know "72 percent of industry-funded studies failed to discern any biological effect from cell phone radiation exposure, whereas 67 percent of independent studies did find biological effects?” 8 Little Known Facts on Wireless Radiation FCC last reviewed safe human exposure (heating effects only) standards for Radiofrequency Radiation in 1996.If you ... Continue Reading

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